Some work done for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare developed by Infinity Ward

PS4, XBox One and PC

I was part of Multiplayer team.
Every map was shared between several levelt artists, each working on his/her sections of the level.
On top of that we had modellers' and a texture artist support , plus a dedicated lighting and FX artist.
Most of the generic props and vehicles were re-used from Single Player campaign assets.


- working closely with Level Designer from early graybox to final
- visual development of architecture and locations

- creating gameplay landmarks
- set dressing to support the "story"

- layout and composition
- architectue and terrain modelling and mapping

- providing custom models and/or additional materials if required

- art optimization and debug

----------- MP_Bermuda -----------
These images show the areas of my main focus.
Each of us has developed their own areas without concept art, so we kinda concepted in 3d as we went...
NOTE: I did the large-scale structure, but NOT the sweet set-dressing set-up below it. The "story" layer here was added by other team members. I love it so much though :)
----------- MP_Dominion -----------
( remake of "Afghan" map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2)
I have worked on the central "atmosphere generator" building's exterior and interior and the smaller "pump" building on the side of the map - > from LD graybox through 3d concept and up to final result.
As with previous maps, I have designed visual style and function of the buildings on my own following Art Direction feedbacks.
----------- MP_Turista -----------
I have made all of the buildings' exteriors shown on these images.
We were provided with the basic concept art depicting colors, ambiance and overall "feel" of architecture. However, actual building's architecture and composition were developed and built by me to fit with actual map's layout, terrain and gameplay.
Terrain and natural formations seen on these images were made by other artists.

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