Some of the work which I did for FarCry 4 from Ubisoft
Released on
PS3, XBox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC

Here are some images showing few areas that I've worked on as a Level Artist.
I was working closely with Level Designer ensuring that design/gameplay intentions fit with possible art solutions, and that the art aspect fits within technical guidelines.
Throughout the project I was working on 3 "maps" (large areas of about 1 square kilometer each). Since FarCry was a huge collaborative effort of many people, the work was shared in some areas with other artists, depending on the locations.

Some of major goals were composition and storytelling of both the "open world" and each particular location.

- large and small scale art layout and composition;
- terraforming (landscape sculpting);
road work;
-- vegetation composition;
- initial graybox of "hero" bulidings and assets used in campaign missions;
layout for numerous small and big locations ranging from point-of-interest to story missions;

...but first one of the trailers to give a little taste about this awesome game :)

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