Some of the work which I did for RainbowSix Siege from Ubisoft
Released on
PS4, XBox One, PC

I was mostly working on Kanal map together with Level Designer. We started from basic unplayablre graybox and went through all stages of production untill final iteration.
The whole game is focused on FP competitive multiplayer involving some structural destruction.

- architectural and terrain modelling and texturing;
- props' grayboxing (respecting LD constraints) for Modeling team to polish;
- creating architectural modules and some of the props;
- texture management of the map (deciding texture sets, making requests, providing reference for Texturers etc.) ;
- outdoor and indoor layout and composition;
- dressing up the rooms with unique sub-themes;
- creating "headset-friendly" landmarks;

- map optimization and debug in the end.

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