Some of the work which I did for Thief from Eidos Montreal
Released on
PS3, XBox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC

While on the project I've worked as a Modeller (modeling and texturing assets, plus some occasional level art work), and later changed the role to Level Artist. As a Level Artist I mostly performed art layout of the level following Level Designer's graybox, modelled and mapped architecture modules, built some other areas using existing modules, did props staging etc.

***Please note - for the moment I don't have appropriate images to show my work more exactly, because I left the project before the release date, therefore I could not make screenshots at the time since the game was far from being finished and the content was confidential.
Now I'll have to play the game myself in order to take screengrabs of my work, but meanwhile I've found a playthrough video showing one of the missions which I've worked on the most, beside other things...

Here I worked on the interior of the Mansion and modelled and mapped most of the interior modules and architecture (including "dirty" basement and elevator), many props (especially large ones like fireplaces, tables, shelves, beds etc). Some areas seem to keep original layout which I did, while some were modified by fellow artists who worked on this level after me.

Areas on which I worked start around 5 minutes untill 15 minutes in this video walkthough.


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