Art Test (Dice)
Scene in

This scene was done as a sucessful level art test for Dice.

The main task was to create an abandoned looking WW2 bunker with a small area of surrounding terrain in 1 week from scratch to finish... preferably of interesting design:P
I could not spend all the week days full-time on this one, so I had to squeeze it into 4 days fulltime (2 weekends) and few more short evenings during some work days...

Given the time constraint I went with simpler and faster to produce textures counting a lot on re-usability and multi-texture blending for more unique variety.
I was making emphasis on shape composition and layout, and wanted to bring some storytelling where possible...

And several breakdown samples:

Unique structure meshes followed by re-usabble architectural and natural modules

And texture sheets for the bunker and props - due to time constraints and texture limit I
made them very simple relying on propper blending and decaling techniques

+ few simle snow terrain textures:

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